about Star Trail

Asteria Yoyos’ take on Competition Bi-Metal Yoyos

  • 7068 Aluminum Body & Stainless Steel Rings
  • Beautifully made min-maxed design with attention to detail
  • Meticulously designed gap for a perfect balance between binding and anti-snag
Star Trail is my second yoyo release. This yoyo integrates everything I’ve learnt from the time after my Night Sky release to create a beautiful competition yoyo.

Design & Specs

Diameter: 56.5mm                               Width: 45.4mm

Weight: 63g                                            Gap width: 4.46mm

Material: 7068 Al + SS Rings

In order to create a high-performance competition bimetal yoyo, there has to be a trade-off in design complexity. This is because the aluminum body can’t be as complex or fancy as other less performance-oriented yoyos (due to having to minimize the wall thickness and the weight of the aluminum). Therefore, with the Star Trail, I’ve opted to pay more attention to the small details. For example, how the aluminum body and the stainless steel ring are aligned. There’s a small curve wherever those two meet, which embraces that the two materials are in fact distinct, rather than trying to merge them together.

Instead of having the SS ring fit from the outside of the yoyo to the inside, this yoyo does the reverse. Having the SS ring pressed from the inside of the yoyo eliminates the need for an overhang on the SS ring. This allows the majority of the SS to be at the outermost diameter of the yoyo to maximize its rimweight. This also allows the thickness of the AL and SS to look visibly balanced from the cup view of the yoyo. Furthermore, this yoyo does not have any harsh edges, so it’s very comfortable to catch.

(Without Engraving)

How It Plays
I’ve learned a lot from my Night Sky design, and this yoyo tries to improve upon the Night Sky’s raw performance. By having a smaller diameter than the Night Sky, it allows the yoyo to be a bit more responsive to hand motions. I’ve improved the response system as well, since a yoyo with higher inertia requires a tighter response due to the decreased RPM. With that, the Star Trail is a yoyo that doesn’t limit your abilities!

When you throw the Star Trail, you will feel all the rimweight unroll on the end of the string (due to its min-maxed nature), which may feel a bit heavy at first. However, once it has been unwound, the Star Trail feels faster and more responsive to your hand movements than the Night Sky.

I really put all my heart into designing this — I hope that y’all will enjoy the Star Trail! Price will be about $99~ USD and will be machined by FPM.


Thank you for your support!

From Night Sky to Star Trail, thank you all for supporting Asteria Yoyos throughout all these times.

Stay tuned on Asteria Yoyos’ instagram for updates for future runs and projects… 🙂

About Me

Hello! I am Matcha. I am a University student at a Canadian university. I started yoyoing when I was young. However, I stopped playing back then after learning brain twister. 10 years later, I began playing yoyos again!

Ever since I started playing again, I have been fascinated in the process of yoyo design. I have learnt from a lot of different people in the yoyoing community in order to understand what makes a yoyo great.

Therefore in AYY, I strive to design quality performance yoyos with aesthetically pleasing design! Being able to create a yoyo I have designed is one of the happiest things that could happen to me.

Also, don’t mind me since I’m pretty troll at times :p (big fan of gentry)

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